Ballinacurra Weston Residents' Alliance
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Above: Matt Collins (Chair) and Cathal McCarthy (PRO) man the BWRA information stall at the Community & Voluntary Fare, which took place at City Hall on Sunday 12 September 2010. Picture courtesy of Munster Images

The Ballinacurra Weston Residents Alliance was one of 55 Community based organisation that participated in this years Community & Voluntary Fare.

The event was poorly attended by members of the public but was invaluable when it came to making new contacts and networking.

There was great interest in the BWRA information stall; people were shocked by the true extent of the Regeneration Agency's legal remit - the Southside Regeneration Area, (which was displayed in our 'Master' Plans section) and disgusted, but not surprised, the lack of real consultation by the Agency when producing the so-called 'Master' plans.

Neither the Regeneration Agency or their residents' forum were present.

We handed out information leaflets which explained our reason for being and the work we do:

The Ballinacurra Weston Residents' Alliance (BWRA) is the only independent residents' group in the designated regeneration area of Ballinacurra Weston. The BWRA is representative of both homeowners and tenants living in the immediate regeneration area and was formed to ensure that all residents have their rights upheld during the regeneration process.

The local regeneration forum committee failed in this regard and did not represent our views. The BWRA was formed by forum committee member's that resigned in frustration at the lack of action and worsening degeneration of our Community.

In contrast to the Regeneration Agency established forum, the BWRA is a properly constituted and active organisation that is run by the residents and for the residents.

  • We write letters on behalf of our members, highlighting their individual problems to the relevant agency.

  • We highlight areas of concern to our Community; environmental issues like illegal dumping, health & safety issues such as rat infestations and unsecured vacant houses, and security problems regarding anti-social and criminal behaviour.

  • We are presently conducting a survey of our area to ascertain residents' views concerning regeneration.

  • We will be launching our newsletter in November 2010.

  • We are a member of the local Community & Voluntary Forum.

So far we represent 90% of households in the immediate regeneration area.

We were formed in May 2010 and are to date recognised by Government Ministers and Departments, Limerick City Council and An Garda Síochána. We have held two meetings with the Regeneration Agency.

However, the Regeneration Agency refuses to officially acknowledge our existence

The Ballinacurra Weston Residents' Alliance is affiliated to Limerick Regeneration Watch, which led a delegation to the EU Parliament in Brussels on 16th April 2009, and successfully petitioned the EU on environmental issues, prompting the Regeneration Agency to sponsor a €500,000 clean-up of all regeneration areas.

As a member of Limerick Regeneration Watch, the BWRA is allied with the Moyross Residents' Alliance, the Weston Gardens Residents' Association and individual residents' in St. Mary's Park and Southill.

Outside City Hall there was a Bar-B-Que cook off; with many exotic foods on offer. Entertainment was provided by a diverse number of groups, there was singing, dancing and a magic show. Overall it was a great day out, it's only a pity it wasn't better supported by members of the public.

Click Here to view a selection of photos from the event.